Glasses: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Glasses: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

How To Buy Prescription Glasses Online

These days you can order anything online even prescription spectacles. Just like any other industry it is still riddled with scammers as well as well as reputable companies.

Opt for a recognized seller.

The Internet is littered with online eyewear shops. Choose a seller that has many positive reviews compared to negative ones. Another great source of credible information are consumer protection agencies that review online eyewear sellers. Making sure that you get a reliable seller is just the first step.

Get your prescription

Buying spectacles online still follows the same protocols as buying them a brick and mortar store. You need to get a current prescription before you begin ordering for your glasses. If you do not have a current prescription (that has been issued over the last 12 months) then you need to visit your optometrist. Remember to tell your optometrist to measure your pupillary distance and note it down. This pupillary distance is a key measurement since this is what the online optician will use when placing the center of the lens. This measurements decreases the chances of getting the measurements wrongly when placing the lens.

Find out the return policy on the spectacles

All prescription glasses are not the same and different people like different kinds of glasses. In case the glasses are not a good fit, you need to know whether you can return them and get others. You need to know after how long you can return the spectacles. The more the number of days on the return policy the better. Make sure that the store that you order from has a return policy whose terms you are comfortable with.

Apart from the return policy you need to find out if the company offers some form of warranty on their products. You need to know if the spectacles have a warranty so that in the event that your lenses are scratched or get some cracks you can get a new pair. Choose a company that can offer to refund you almost the whole amount of the purchase and the shipping cost.
Special offers by the seller

A good number of online eyewear seller offers different benefits to customers. Some eyewear companies allow you to choose multiple frames, try them over a couple of days then choose the one that appeals to you. Other online eyewear companies also offer anti-scratch and anti-glare coatings with each order.

Other eyewear companies offer free shipping on spectacle orders above a certain price. There are other companies that specialize in non-prescription spectacles as well as prescription spectacles. If you happen to suffer from computer strain then these companies will be a good choice to order your antiglare spectacles.

Glasses: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

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